Sponsorship through Donations of Products and Services

There are a number of events during Sci-Fi on the Rock 11 where prizes are distributed. Donating prizes is not only a way to sponsor a Sci-Fi on the Rock event, it is also a great way to promote your products and services.

When sponsoring through donations of products and services, the sponsor receives public recognition on the website and during the event. Sponsors may also include business cards to be presented with their item.

Looking for other options for promoting your products or services?

Sci-Fi on the Rock is also looking for donations for the following:

  • Charity Auction
  • Guest Welcome Baskets
  • Visitor Welcome Bags
  • Volunteer Break Area

For more information please email: info@scifiontherock.com


Latinum Sponsor

Sponsor: Escape Quest

Silver Sponsor

Sponsor: Baddy Vinyl