Guest Suggestions

We have been getting a lot of guest requests lately on our page and group and we have decided to make a form to collect them all. We know there was a question on the survey but this is a more formal and easier to use way to keep track of all of your suggestions.

We have also had some curiousity about the cost of guests. While their appearance fees vary greatly from one guest to the next you can generally assume the more currently popular or timelessly popular guests will be significantly more expensive. For example: William Shatner would obviously cost tens of thousands of dollars more than an actor who has had a few minor Star Trek roles.

On top of their appearance fees we also pay all of the expenses for each guest.
The general breakdown for that is:
Hotel (4 nights X 180.00)- $720.00
Per diem (4 X $100.00) – $400.00
Flight (usually from LA) – $1,400
Airport Taxi fee – $200.00
Baggage fees – $50.00
Total = $2770.00

So while we appreciate all of your suggestions and we do want to hear them all we ask that you do keep in mind that as much as we would all love to have someone like Nathan Fillion it is likely not financially possible and more reasonable guests suggestions are, in the end, more helpful when we are looking for guests.

If you want to know more about the nitty gritty of getting guests to Newfoundland please feel free to email and we would be happy to give you more info and will try and answer any questions you have.