Lori White

Lori white


Since leaving Newfoundland, Lori White has been busy. Doing everything from selling shoes to working in one of the fastest growing animation studios in Canada, Jam Filled Entertainment.

Lori’s thrilled to be getting the chance to come back to the Rock to talk about all things animation, drawing, webcomics and cats. (Seriously, she loves cats.) After studying theater at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Lori left the island to pursue her fabulous dreams of becoming a superstar! Only to realize, as many do, that maybe being on the stage wasn’t what she was meant to do. But the desire to perform never left her, neither did her love for creating. Art and the passion for creating has always been the driving force to her life. That lead to Lori going back to school years later to fulfill another degree in Animation at Algonquin College where she was headhunted right out of her second year to start working in the animation industry. After that, she never looked back, using her love of theater to make her animation as dynamic as possible.

She has worked on multiple television shows as both an animator and character rigger including ‘F is for Family’ (Netflix), ‘The Bagel and Becky Show’ (Teletoon), ‘The Loud House’ and ‘Pinky Malinky’ (Nickelodeon), ‘Final Space’ (Netflix/TBS) and ‘DC Superhero Girls’ (Warner Bros) and a few other things that we can’t talk about yet! Aside from her animation work, Lori is also an artist, webcomic creator and an active Twitch streamer under the handle ‘Soltysketches’. She’s one of the artists for ‘Manifest Harmony’ on Tapastic and has been a guest artist for the ‘Looking for Group’ webcomic (specifically their ‘NPC’ stories) done by Blind Ferret Productions.