Nana Visitor


Born in New York to parents deeply imbedded in the dance world and Broadway theater scene, Nana went from dancer and understudy for Twiggy in “ My One And Only” to lead in Broadway shows such as “42nd St.” and “Chicago”. She did stints in popular soap operas on the East Coast before moving to Los Angeles where she guest starred and did pilots for dozens of shows. Series work includes “Working Girl” with Sandra Bullock, “ Dark Angel” with Jessica Alba , “ Wildfire” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, the latter running for seven years. Other science fiction Nana has appeared in is ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’,’ Battlestar Gallactica’ and “The Spirit” with Sam Jones. Films include “ The Sentinel”, “ Mini’s First Time”, “Ted2” , and ”Friday the 13th” in which she played Pamela Voorhees. She has voiced many characters on “ Family Guy”, her favorite role being that of Rita in “ Brian’s Got A Brand New Bag”. Nana also appears in the two part film “The Bread Factory” starring Tyne Daly due out later this year.