Nicole Maddox (Mad Maddox Cosplay)

cosplay nicole.png


Nicole Maddox (a.k.a. Mad Maddox Cosplay) has been cosplaying since 2010.  Initially her cosplay inspirations where anime based, but have grown to include fantasy, comic book, and steampunk genres.  Often fusing more than one to create original takes on classic characters. Some of which include; Steampunk Lady Deadpool, Thorin Oakenshield, Steampunk Sailor Mars and an original Queen of Hearts design.  While she is mainly textile based, she also uses armor fabrication in some of her designs and recently created a set of articulated wings with a 12 foot wing span for Bernadette from the web comic Death Vigil.

She has won awards in both workmanship and Journeymen, and has also recently been a competition judge.  Nicole enjoys helping others with cosplay projects; discussing fabric selection, brainstorming new designs and different sewing techniques.  She hopes to keep improving and broadening her skills, and to continue to create new projects in the future.

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