Vanessa Pinsent

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Vanessa Pinsent (A.K.A. Vanessa Pinsent Cosplay) is a Newfoundland Based Cosplayer. As a lifelong fan of Video Games, Animation, and all things “Artsy”. She first began Cosplaying in 2015 in which her first build was Samus Aran’s Varia Suit from the Metroid games. Since then she has expanded her cosplays to include characters such as General Grievous (Star Wars) in 2016 and Baymax – Armored Version (big hero 6) in 2017. She has competed in costume contests and have won awards for both workmanship and Journeyman level competition. Though, not a competitive cosplayer, she enjoys helping new & old cosplayers bringing their visions of their characters to life. She really enjoys making complex pieces/cosplays and specializes most in armor fabrication. In the future she plans to begin making video tutorials and step by step print out tutorials to help cosplayers of all ages.
When not cosplaying, she enjoys making new friends, playing video games and board games with friends, drawing/painting and sculpting with clay