final map



1. ETC Gifts
2: CBC
3: Ultimate Style
4: Ultimate Style
5: Valkara Attire
6: Midnight Tailors
7: Kyle Callahan
8: Baddy Vinyl
9: Baddy Vinyl
10: Buddy Toad
11: Buddy Toad
12: Box Cat
13: Adey’s Attic
14:Ms Creations Decorations
15:Newfoundland Arcade Guy
16: Escape Quest


V1: Bama’s Dice
V2: Geek Central
V3: East Coast Coins
V4: Sabrina Legge
V5: Atlantic Rock Threads
V6: Johnson GEO Center
V7: JJ’s Funstop
V8: JJ’s Funstop
V9: JJ’s Funstop
V10: Enchanted Emporium
V11: Bricks & Minifigs
V12: Lost My Marbles Monster Adoption
V13: Eyecandy
V14: Saturn Bears
V15: Masterkey Geekery
V16: KC’s Nerdy Knits
V17: Sam’s Sweets
V18: St. John’s Soap Works
V19: Game Cave
V20:Game On Collectables
V21: Mad Maddox
V22: Two Guys with Beards
V23: Gracie’s Creations
V24: Time Cave Games
V25: Corkboard Pens
V26: Bag of Holdings
V27: Bag of Holdings
V28: Velvet Snow
V29: Downtown Comics
V30: Downtown Comics
V31: Goop Generation
V32: Bee-Wearables
V33: Sticks and Stones
V34: Interlink Chainmaille
V35: D&B Collectibles
V36: Raven Roe
V37: Geek Chic NL
V38: Island Comics & Collectibles
V39: Because Scrap Happens and ReAson
V40: Sleepy Bunny Crafts

Authors (Inside Fort William Ballroom)

A1: Ink’d Well
A2: JJ King, Candace Osmond
A3: Reilly Books
A4: Engen Books
A5: Engen Books
A6: Newfoundland Vampire Stories
A7: Patrick Gear


A1 Sarah McCausland
A2 Blair Goudie
A3 Wormwood Tuesday
A4 Krista Legge
A5 Matt Cummings
A6 Joey Neary
A7 Smashley Draws
A8 Emma Nugent
A9 Tyler Burry
A10 Alice Scythe (Christina Bartlett)
A11 Katlyn Pike
A12 Reghan Mac
A13 Kim Kennedy


C1: Newfoundland GunPla Builders
C2: Lego Users Group
C3: St. John’s Public Libraries
C4: Epoch on the Rock
C5: Writer’s Alliance of NL
C6: Steampunk NL
C7: 709 Derby Girls
C8: R2D2 Builders
C9: Kitty Kitty Burlesque
C10: MUN Anime Society
C11: Feral Felines
C12: Atlanticon