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Sci-Fi on the Rock is an annual science fiction, fantasy and horror festival held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.
Moving into our 13th year we are going strong with an increasing number of attendees.
Sci-Fi on the Rock is involved in our community year long and hosts and participates in many other geeky or community events.

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Stefan Kapicic


After having to postpone last year to finish Deadpool 2 reshoots Stefan Kapicic is very eager to make it to Newfoundland this year to make it up to you.

Stefan Kapicic is a German-born Serbian actor best known for his iconic role as Colossus, in the record breaking Marvel/Fox feature film, Deadpool, and reprised the role for Deadpool 2.

Studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, one of the most respected drama schools in Europe, Kapicic has since played more than 70 roles in theatre, film and television. After making his feature film debut in 2003, his breakout role was awarded Best Debutant at the Nish Film Festival. With such a successful debut, Kapicic went on to star in films such as The Cordon, Street Walker, Free Fall, and Tears for Sale.

Standing at an astounding 6’4” and having the ability to speak nine different languages, Kapicic has become an ideal candidate for the portrayal of certain characters. In 2016, Kapicic appeared in the record-breaking feature film Deadpool, as the physically imposing Colossus. Directed by Tim Miller, he starred alongside Ryan Reynolds American antihero, bringing a much dryer sense of humor often neglected by the X-Men franchise.

Stefan Kapicic is also appearing in critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul in 2018.

Terry Farrell


Terry Farrell is most famous for playing Jadzia Dax on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and later for playing Reggie on “Becker”. In her personal life Terry is happily married to Adam Nimoy.
Terry will be available for autographs,photo ops and will be attending VIP social.

After 18 months of modeling, she studied acting while still modeling on the side. Her first major roles were in the short-lived 1984 television series Paper Dolls, playing a model, and in the feature film Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield.

In 1989, she began studying acting with Stella Adler and appeared in a number of guest-starring roles in series, including Quantum Leap and The Cosby Show. In 1992, she played Cat in a second pilot for a U.S. version of Red Dwarf, which was not picked up.

Soon after the Red Dwarf USA project folded, she was offered a lead role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Farrell starred as Jadzia Dax, the space station’s Starfleet science officer, a character from an alien species known as the Trill, who is host to a 300-year-old symbiont and can draw upon the memories and knowledge of the symbiont’s seven previous hosts. The series debuted in January 1993. When she decided to leave the show at the end of the sixth season, Paramount killed off Farrell’s “host” character (though continuing the “symbiont” character in a new Dax host, played by Nicole DeBoer).

Farrell then co-starred on Paramount’s television comedy series Becker. She played Regina “Reggie” Kostas, foil and love interest to Ted Danson’s John Becker, for four years and 94 episodes, before she was replaced by Nancy Travis.

Farrell also provided the voice of Six of One in the animated short film Tripping the Rift, which eventually became a Sci-Fi Channel TV series with other actors providing the voice of Six. First released independently on the Internet, Tripping the Rift originally featured Patricia Beckmann as the voice of Six and was replaced by Farrell’s voice for an episode of the Sci-Fi Channel’s short film series Exposure, in which Farrell was guest host. Farrell’s version of Six was heard only once on television.

Farrell retired in 2002, after marrying actor Brian Baker. They divorced in 2015 and Farrell played a role in the web-released fan film Star Trek: Renegades. She is expected to appear in the same role in episodes of the fan film web series Renegades, which strips mention of Star Trek for legal purposes.

Nicole Maddox (Mad Maddox Cosplay)


Nicole Maddox (a.k.a. Mad Maddox Cosplay) an astounding local cosplayer has been cosplaying since 2010.  Initially her cosplay inspirations where anime based, but have grown to include fantasy, comic book, and steampunk genres.  Often fusing more than one to create original takes on classic characters. Some of which include; Steampunk Lady Deadpool, Thorin Oakenshield, Steampunk Sailor Mars and an original Queen of Hearts design.  While she is mainly textile based, she also uses armor fabrication in some of her designs and recently created a set of articulated wings with a 12 foot wing span for Bernadette from the web comic Death Vigil.

She has won awards in both workmanship and Journeymen, and has also recently been a competition judge.  Nicole enjoys helping others with cosplay projects; discussing fabric selection, brainstorming new designs and different sewing techniques.  She hopes to keep improving and broadening her skills, and to continue to create new projects in the future.

Lori white

Since leaving Newfoundland, Lori White has been busy. Doing everything from selling shoes to working in one of the fastest growing animation studios in Canada, Jam Filled Entertainment.

Lori’s thrilled to be getting the chance to come back to the Rock to talk about all things animation, drawing, webcomics and cats. (Seriously, she loves cats.) After studying theater at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Lori left the island to pursue her fabulous dreams of becoming a superstar! Only to realize, as many do, that maybe being on the stage wasn’t what she was meant to do. But the desire to perform never left her, neither did her love for creating. Art and the passion for creating has always been the driving force to her life. That lead to Lori going back to school years later to fulfill another degree in Animation at Algonquin College where she was headhunted right out of her second year to start working in the animation industry. After that, she never looked back, using her love of theater to make her animation as dynamic as possible.

She has worked on multiple television shows as both an animator and character rigger including ‘F is for Family’ (Netflix), ‘The Bagel and Becky Show’ (Teletoon), ‘The Loud House’ and ‘Pinky Malinky’ (Nickelodeon), ‘Final Space’ (Netflix/TBS) and ‘DC Superhero Girls’ (Warner Bros) and a few other things that we can’t talk about yet! Aside from her animation work, Lori is also an artist, webcomic creator and an active Twitch streamer under the handle ‘Soltysketches’. She’s one of the artists for ‘Manifest Harmony’ on Tapastic and has been a guest artist for the ‘Looking for Group’ webcomic (specifically their ‘NPC’ stories) done by Blind Ferret Productions.