About Us

What is Sci-Fi on the Rock?
Sci-Fi on the Rock is a 3 day annual event to celebrate sci-fi, fantasy, anime, horror, gaming, and pop culture and the people who love those things. It is a safer space where people can be as passionate as they want with no judgement. It is a place where you can dress up as your favourite characters, play some games, find the coolest geeky merch to buy, learn something new at a panel, interact with some celebrity guests and generally have a great time. Everyone is welcome and will find lots to enjoy no matter how geeky you are or not.

Where is Sci-Fi on the Rock?
Sci-Fi on the Rock is at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland in historic downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland on Cavendish St.

When is Sci-Fi on the Rock 2019?
Sci-Fi on the Rock 13 is March 29-31st, 2019.

Sounds like a time. Where can I buy tickets?
You can get tickets right now through this link: Tickets

Tickets and Pre-Registration

What types of tickets do you sell?
We sell VIP Passes, General, Youth, Family, and Student/Senior/Military Weekend Passes (3-day), aand General, Youth, Family, Student/Senior/Military Single Day Passes.

What does my ticket include?
Your ticket includes entry into the convention on the given day(s) which includes free entry to our vendors hall, Sandbox Gaming room, and any of our day and afternoon panels/workshops/Q&As.

How will I pick up my badge or wristband?
You can pick up your wristband or badge at the pre-paid ticket lineup at the entrance of the convention. Be prepared to show your online receipt and any applicable ID.

Do you offer early registration?
Early registration will take place Thursday from 6-8pm, and Friday morning from 9am-11am. Afterwards you can pickup your wristband at anytime the convention is open.

What is the age for a Youth Pass?
A Youth Pass covers anyone age 6-12. An appropriate ID must be provided upon request.

Who is covered under a Family Pass?
A Family Pass will cover two adults and two youth

What ticket would I need for a child under 6?
Children 5 and under are free.

Will my child need adult accompaniment?
Any child under the age of 12 requires adult supervision.

What do I need to get a Student/Military/Senior ticket?
To be able to use a Student/Military/Senior Pass, you must have the corresponding ID as proof at the time of the convention. Failure to present the required ID will require the attendee to pay a $5 before they can gain entry into the event.

What do I get with a VIP Pass?
– 3-day Sci-Fi on the Rock 12 Pass
– One hour preview Friday April 6th before we open the doors to the public
– Separate speed line for autographs and photos
– VIP seating to one guest panel of your choice (to be decided in advance).
– Sci-Fi on the Rock Lanyard
– Limited edition Sci-Fi on the Rock 12 VIP Badge
– Limited edition Sci-Fi on the Rock 12 T-Shirt
– Limited Edition Sci-Fi on the Rock 12 Fabric Swag Bag
– Admit one to VIP Social (Details to follow)
– Admit one to Karaoke
– Admit one to SFotR Saturday Dance


What’s the difference between a vendor, artist, and group table?
A vendor can be a crafter or artist that produces their own products or original art or a retailer that resells products from multiple creators. Artists produce original work, typically in a 2D media. A group table is a table manned by a special interest organization or group related to our community.

How do I become a vendor?
Our vendor applications usually open in October of each year. Please keep an eye on our website or social media pages.

Sponsorship and Advertising.

Why should I become a sponsor?
Over 2500 people come through Sci-Fi on the Rock each year with more people in attendance every year! It is a great opportunity to be a part of our event, reach your target audience and get your brand in the heads of our eager and growing community. We are always excited to work with people and businesses in creative partnerships and sponsorships. For more information about our demographics and amazing sponsorship packages please email media@scifiontherock.com

How do I advertise with Sci-Fi on the Rock?
A great way to advertise is in our program book.
Full Page Ad Back and White ($100.00)
Half Page Ad Black and White ($75.00)
Quarter Page Ad Back and White ($50.00)
We also offer advertising on our website through or sponsorship packages.
For more information or to buy ad space please email media@scifiontherock.com


What’s expected of me as a volunteer?
Volunteers must offer at least 4 hours of their time over the course of the weekend as well as attend volunteer training pre-convention. Volunteers are expected to perform the tasks they are asked.

What do I receive as a volunteer?
In exchange for their work, volunteers receive a day pass to the convention for each 4-hour shift – so if you work three 4 hour shifts you can attend the convention for free. Each volunteer also receives a badge, a volunteer T-shirt, and snacks and beverages.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
Our volunteers generally have to be 16 years old to volunteer with us.

Sign me up! How do I volunteer?
You can get started volunteering by emailing volunteer@scifiontherock.com


What kind of Panels and Workshops happen at Sci-Fi on the Rock?
We have so many great things happening we are sure there is something for everyone! We have discussion panels, performances, Q&As with guests, instructional workshops, and hand-on workshops on many various topics, costume contest, karaoke, a dance, and more!

Where can I see a schedule for Sci-Fi on the Rock?
Usually, it’s out a month prior to the event. You should see it soon! You may find changes until a few days prior.

How do I submit a proposal for a workshop/panel?
Right here! Many of our workshops are run by our fans and we couldn’t do it without you.


What are your cosplay policies?
You can find all our policies listed on our Policies page.

What is your weapons policy?
We are currently updating our weapons policy for Sci-Fi on the Rock 12 but you can find our current policy listed on our Policies page. If you have an urgent question please e-mail info@scifiontherock.com to ask a committee member.

Costume Contest

What are the rules for the Costume Contest?
Our costume contest rules will be up soon. Thank you for your patience.

Is there an entry fee?
No, the cost of entering the costume contest is included with a weekend or Sunday day pass, but we do have limited number of spots so sign up early.

Do I have to sign up in advance?
Yes, there will be a sign-up table at the convention.

Can I sign up before the convention?
No. We only do contest sign-ups during the convention.

When is the Costume Contest?
Sunday Afternoon.

My costume may not be family friendly or may violate one of your policies; can I still enter the costume contest?
All costumes must follow the rules we have set in our general policies. Costumes deemed to be offensive may result in expulsion from the convention.

Sci-Fi on the Rock aims to be an environment of tolerant of everyone, however we cannot allow costumes that promote groups who aim to make the world more intolerant. Therefore we have banned Nazi and Hitler costumes, or accessories as well as any other costumes and accessories from other intolerant groups. Anyone found with these items (or items found to be similar in nature at the discretion of the committee) will be expelled from this years event.

Who can I contact if I have already read the rules and have a question about them?
You can email info@scifiontherock.com with any questions you may have


How does meeting guests work?
If you are getting a paid photo/autograph with a guest, you can say a few words, but remember there is limited time scheduled for these events and lines are sometimes quite long. Please be considerate of those waiting for their turn. We ask that you do not crowd guests.

Do guests accept gifts?
While the guests appreciate the thought and meaning you put into gifts for them, please remember, if you present a gift to a guest, do not be offended if they are unable to accept it. Most guests travel here with carry-on luggage only and simply don’t have room to take the gifts back with them. We ask that you do not give them gifts of alcohol as they cannot drink it on site due to building policies, and they cannot take it home on the flight (you can’t take more than 100ml of liquid in your carry on luggage). Please do not give guests candles, or items that have strong scents to them. We ask that you also refrain from giving them baked goods as some guests may have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Can I take my own photos of Guests?
When in line in for autographs and photographs, or even just in the room to see what’s going on with the celebrity guests, it is against policy to take photos of the guests at the autograph tables, without their knowledge or permission. If the volunteer, security, or committee member sees pictures being taken, we will ask you to delete them.

Are we able to arrange interviews with any Guest(s)?
Interviews with guests are only allowed at the guests discretion and if they have been previously arranged and booked through our media team. If you are a local blogger, or a school reporter, etc, you cannot set up an interview on site, or ask a guest for a quick interview during an autograph signing session. All media must be cleared by our staff first.

Autographs and Photographs

How many people can be in a photograph?
It’s ultimately up to the guest’s discretion. There is however a maximum of 4 people to ensure photo quality won’t be affected.

What will guests sign?
It’s ultimately up to the guest’s discretion. Collectible cards, posters, headshots, books, toys, props haven’t posed a problem in the past. Guests do provide their own photos that they will sign for you if you do not bring something for them to sign.


What types of gaming are offered at Sci-Fi on the Rock?
Sandbox Gaming, a local charity organization, hosts both video and board gaming at our convention. They run tournaments and free-play games.
We have other organized gaming that we will announce as we get closer to the convention.

Are there gaming-related workshops/panels?


The facility is wheelchair accessible, with elevators to accommodate wheelchairs, large costumes and strollers.

The Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland is non-smoking environment. (Smoking areas are located nearby outdoors.)

Getting Around the Convention
Elevators are open for all to use, but priority will be reserved for those with mobility, accessibility issues, or those with strollers. If you have any problem with accessing elevators, please alert any Sci-Fi on the Rock volunteer and it will be escalated to security or the committee.

Service Animals & Pets
Please refer to our policies page

Personal Attendants for Medical or Special Needs
Please refer to our policies page

Staying in St. John’s

Is there a special rate for congoers at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland?
Yes! You can book at the Sheraton starting at a special rate of $139/night by calling and telling them you want to book under the Sci-Fi on the Rock Block.

Where can I park?
You can park in the hotel parking lot or any of the meters nearby in downtown St. John’s (they are free after 6pm and on weekends). The hotel will have extended parking on Saturday and Sunday. Parking for congoers will be free at the Sheraton Hotel.

Is there public transportation available?
Yes, the metrobus stops nearby. The cost is $2.50 per ride.

General Stuff

Can I bring a camera and take pictures?
This year pictures will not be allowed when you’re standing in line to get a photograph/autograph. Pictures are generally allowed in all other areas unless noted. Please respect other people’s space and ask before taking a picture of them. This will make everyone more comfortable and you will get a better picture of them.

Where can I go to smoke/vape?
You will need to move outside and find a spot more than four meters (12 feet) away from any doors, windows or air intake vents.

Am I allowed to bring my own bags?
Of course! You may be asked to show the contents of your bag upon first entry by security.

Am I allowed to bring my own water?
Of course!

Where can I get food or drink?
Within the convention, there are one or two vendors that sell food.
The Sheraton Hotel also has a restaurant as well they will be running a canteen in the lobby of the hotel with quick and easy foods at reasonable prices.

Is there an ATM on site?
There is an ATM on site. However it has been known to run out of money over the course of the weekend so we highly recommend getting cash elsewhere before heading to the convention.

Does the venue provide gender-neutral washooms?
We are happy to say that through the Sheraton Hotel that Sci-Fi on the Rock will have gender neutral washrooms, as well as gender-specific washrooms. All participants at the event are encouraged to use the washroom to which they identify. Gender-neutral washrooms will be marked on the map – they will be through the Oppidan/Sandbox Gaming room.
We want all of our attendees to be comfortable and safe at our convention.

Sci-Fi on the Rock in the Community

Which charities/non-profits do you support?
Each year the Sci-Fi on the Rock committee with the help of our attendees choose a charity/non-profit to support. Our non-profit for 2018 is Feral Felines – you can find more information about them here.
As well each year we contribute items and funds to various local charities and non-profits.

Can you show up at our event?
We love getting out into the community! Email us at outsideevents@scifiontherock.com with information, dates, and your needs and we will do our best.

I have an idea for an event I want to partner with Sci-Fi on the Rock with. Who do I contact?
Great! We love doing events in the community and would love to hear about yours to see if we can fit it in. Please contact outsideevents@scifiontherock.com