Harrassment Policy

The Sci-Fi on the Rock Committee members and volunteers are responsible for assuring that all persons who participate in Sci-Fi on the Rock events and activities do so in an atmosphere free of all forms of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. Harassment of any kind is unlawful and impedes the realization of Sci-Fi on the Rock’s mission to inform, support, promote, defend and advocate for our members, guests, and attendees. Sci-Fi on the Rock will respond promptly and effectively to reports of harassment and discrimination of any kind and will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and if necessary, to discipline behavior that violates this policy. This policy applies to any events or spaces sponsored by Sci-Fi on the Rock, including but not limited to the annual Sci-Fi on the Rock Festival, fundraisers, events, and the Sci-Fi on the Rock website.

Photography Policy

Filming at some select events may not be permitted. You will be removed from the festival without permission for re-entry. We ask all attendees to follow “Wheaton’s Law.” Be considerate and respectful of your environment, and of the other attendees who may be in your film. If you are filming costumes – ensure you get permission from that individual before taking their image. Photography during the autograph sessions may be prohibited where noted. Filming should be for personal use only. With the exception of officially permitted photographers / videographers, any photography, film or audio released (via any medium) for personal gain or profit is not permitted.

Weapons and Large Props Rules, Regulations, and Liability Limitations

For the safety of all festival attendees, the following policy towards such items will be strictly enforced. Costumers are expected to read and comply to it completely. Failure to do so will result in warnings and potentially loss of festival membership.

Two very important things to remember first and foremost:

  • A. NO live firearms. Removal of firing pin or bolt does not negate this rule!
  • B. NO prohibited weapons (as defined by applicable Canadian Laws).
    Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • Bali-Song (“butterfly knife”) or switchblade/dropblade style knives.
    • Nunchucks, Tonfas, Shurikens, or similarly restricted Martial Arts Weapons, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada (foam models of these items are permitted).
    • Law Enforcement items such as Batons, Tazers or Mace.
  1. NO Replicas of Contemporary Firearms (i.e. beginning from the era of revolvers – U.S. Civil War forward to any currently manufactured firearms).
  2. NO metal weapons or yaoi paddles. Metal weapons shall include but not be limited to swords, knives and daggers. (Plastic or wood that LOOK’S like metal is permitted.)
  3. All weapons must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an approved fashion.
  4. Weapons will not be drawn or displayed outside of festival function space (except in the privacy of a hotel room), or in any public or crowded area except for specific photo ops areas.
  5. Due and full consideration must be given to physical safety and peace of mind of other persons at all times, this includes the general public and venue staff, not just other festival attendees.
  6. All weapons or large props must be checked and authorized by a member of the festival Staff.
  7. Any weapons which fail to meet the safety criteria of the festival Staff must be immediately (and discreetly) returned to storage (e.g.: your hotel room or vehicle) for the duration of the festival or be checked by the festival Staff. Please note it is your responsibility to pick up your checked weapons. Any props or weapons left with the festival Staff beyond the close of the convention on Sunday become the property of Sci-Fi On The Rock.
  8. Festival Security and festival staff reserve the right to inspect weapons and festival badge markings at any time. Any signs of tampering will be referred to a festival staff member for confirmation of authenticity.
  9. Horseplay (of any kind, whether participants are consenting parties or not) with weapons will not be tolerated. All persons involved may be penalized depending upon the nature of the severity of the offense. All complaints of behavior of this nature will be dealt with immediately by Sci-Fi On The Rock.
  10. Failure to adhere to one or more of the above rules will result in any or all of the following penalties being swiftly enforced.
    • Immediate loss of the privilege to carry weapons
    • Expulsion, without refund, from Sci-Fi On The Rock
    • Any act of gross negligence or public endangerment may result in criminal charges beyond the control of Sci-Fi On The Rock (please remember that the general public may have no idea that the festival is in progress and may react in the extreme if they feel threatened).
  11. Use common sense. Your safety, the safety of the other contestants, the safety of our judges and the safety of our audience is more important to us than your costume. The walkway is 2 feet in the air so make sure your mask/helmet doesn’t obscure your vision.
  12. You must have paid admission for the festival in order to enter/be on stage for the costume contest.
  13. Entry forms will be available in your registration bags OR at the registration desk. We are not responsible for the judge’s lack of knowledge of your character…..there is space on the entry form to tell us who you are so take advantage of that.
  14. Your costume cannot use smoke, pyrotechnics of any kind, or any kind of projectiles that leave the costume.
  15. HAVE FUN!!

The decision of the festival staff members are final and will be strictly enforced to ensure a safe environment for all festival attendees.


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